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Electrostatic Area Disinfection

Within our changing world the requirement for a safe fast efficient disinfection solution has never been more important 

Why choose Electrostatic disinfection


Touchless Application

There is no need to touch or wipe the surfaces with our chosen solution. 

Electrostatic application provides far wider coverage and a more thorough disinfection than traditional cleaning by hand. When we spray our electrostatically charged disinfectant it envelopes the target, making it far harder to miss any areas and allowing us to disinfect hard to reach areas with ease. Effectively treating a three-dimensional surface is generally impossible without leveraging a liquid adhesion technology like electrostatics. Total coverage is critical when disinfecting an area that has been subjected to a virus as missed areas can still harbour the virus, allowing it to continue 

Reduced Cross Contamination

In most cases, a spray and wipe technique can move bacteria from one surface to another. 

With the application of our solution through the electrostatic sprayer, there is no need to touch/wipe the surfaces. This means equipment and possessions do not need to be touched during the disinfecting process and cross-contamination is reduced to almost nil. As surfaces will not be touched by cloths or human hands, there is no chance of bacteria or viruses being moved from one place to another. Our operatives carry out all cleans in full head to toe PPE for further peace of mind.

Chemical Dwell Time

For disinfectants to be effective they require a certain contact dwell time with the surface in order to kill bacteria and viruses. This time depends upon several factors and the product being used. Simply spraying and wiping a surface immediately will often not fully kill a virus or bacteria. Our system leaves the disinfectant on the surface until dry, providing the correct minimal dwell time to do the job.

What do we Spray

A powerful agent that is lethal to a microbe’s cell structure and its membrane. Extensive testing in accredited laboratories demonstrates high levels of efficacy in fast contact times for a range of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Very low chemical concentration yet highly effective, chlorine free, alcohol free and very low levels of chemicals ensure the product is non-toxic, non-irritant, non-corrosive, food safe and conforms to EN14476 

Minimal Disruption

Due to the increased efficiency of our application method and our choice of product the disinfection service can be carried out with minimal disruption