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Maintaining a Safe efficient System

Kitchen extract ventilation systems can only be operated efficiently and safely through regular cleaning and ongoing maintenance. At deep clean Scotland we can assit you to ensure your kitchen ventilation system is maintained and that it complient with current legislation and guidelines. Kitchen grease extract ductwork ventilation cleaning scotland

Reduce the Risk

The kitchen extract system presents particular hazards due to the potential for the accumulation of grease. Accumulated grease within an extract system forms a hidden fire risk. Under certain circumstances flames or very high temperature within the duct can ignite grease causing fire to spread rapidly through the system. Only by employing a specialist contractor such as deep clean scotland to carry out regular cleaning and inspections of the system can you ensure that the risk is eliminated or significantly reduced. Kitchen grease extract ductwork ventilation cleaning scotland

Legal Compliance with the HSE fire safety law

The regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2005 requires those responsible for work places to carry out a fire risk assessment of their premises, including grease extract systems and take action to eliminate - or at least minimise risks to the safety of the buildings occupants. 

Should the responsible person have failed to carry out the fire risk assessments or take appropriate action to protect the safety of the building occupants and if a fire causes injury or death, they may be liable to criminal prosecution Kitchen grease extract ductwork ventilation cleaning scotland

Legal Compliance with your insurance company

insurance companies who are members of the Association of British Insurers like Norwich Union are now stating in their commercial property policy the the kitchen extract ductwork needs to be inspected internally to check the build up of grease deposits and cleaned annually as a minimum, although the exact frequency will depend on the level of usage of the cooking equipment. Failure to comply with the legislation will provide grounds for insurers to dispute claims in the event of fire. You may also find your property insurance either impossible or difficult to obtain in the future. Kitchen grease extract ductwork ventilation cleaning scotland

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