Kitchen deep cleaning service

Kitchen deep cleaning service

No matter how thorough daily, weekly or monthly cleaning schedules are, over a period of time a build up of grease, carbon deposits and debris will accumulate which will require specialist cleaning and this is where we can help.

Our Kitchen deep cleaning service is designed to assist the daily cleaning kitchen activity and to restore and maintain high standards of hygiene, safety and well being.

Removal of carbon deposits, grease, grime, waste and scale, are not only  regarded as unhygienic but can also pose a potential fire risk.

Food safety act

The 1990 and 1995 Food Safety Act has laid down very strict guidelines for the hygiene of commercial kitchens and a safe, hygienic environment is essential for any company involved in food preparation and production, both for the health and safety of your workforce and the quality of the products you supply. To ensure this our highly experienced service teams use the latest deep cleaning techniques and specialist equipment to tackle even the most stubborn areas of your kitchen.

24 hour service

A full deep clean of your kitchen is not normally an easy task but we're able to make it appear so. we achieve our objective by the application of specialist preparations, using experienced technicians and equipment developed specifically for the purpose. We offer our service 24 hours a day which means we can carry out your deep clean out with your normal working hours to ensure minimal disruption to your organisation. 

Extending the life of your equipment

If our service is carried out on a regular basis it will prove to be cost effective, efficient and a positive contributor to extending the life of your equipment.